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The Indian Festive Season

Mega Quiz Prizes

1st Rank
Apple iPad
2nd Rank
Samsung Tab
3rd Rank
Amazon gift card
4th Rank
Smart Watch
*All prizes except discount coupon to be collected from physical centers.
How to Play ?
Select a Puzzle
Choose an Live or Upcoming puzzle
Choose your topics
Choose any 6 topics of your choice
Play Puzzle
Answer as many questions to unfold puzzle
Scoring Rules
You will get to play 36 questions in total.
A max of 6 scores can be scored against a question. You will get 60secs to answer the question. Every 10secs elapsed the maximum score scorable on that question will get reduced by 1.
If no answer is selected and the timer runs out, you will get 0 score.
Submitting wrong answer will cost you a life. You will have 5 lives max.
Refreshing or Closing the player tab will result in marking the current question as 0 score.
Puzzle will be ended if you have played 36 questions or you loose 5 lives.